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CMSSW Integration Build QA Info

Integration Build CMSSW_3_3_X_2009-09-23-0100

Ignominy information

  • Dependency data
  • Dependency statistics
  • External tools versions
  • Individual Sub-Systems
  • Dependency Metrics
    • Summary
      • Cycles 6
      • Members 26
      • Packages 2664
      • Levels 48
      • CCD 189712.000000
      • ACD 71.213213
      • NCCD 6.857849 [0.096300, 256.543804]
      • Cycles
        • Cycle 1
          • tools/Qt
          • tools/Qtbase
        • Cycle 2
          • tools/Rootcore
          • tools/Rootgpad
          • tools/Rootgraphics
          • tools/Roothistmatrix
          • tools/Rootinteractive
          • tools/Rootminuit
          • tools/Rootphysics
          • tools/Rootroofit
        • Cycle 3
          • GeneratorInterface/Core
          • GeneratorInterface/ExternalDecays
          • GeneratorInterface/Pythia6Interface
        • Cycle 4
          • Alignment/CocoaAnalysis
          • Alignment/CocoaFit
        • Cycle 5
          • CondFormats/L1TObjects
          • CondTools/L1Trigger
          • L1TriggerConfig/DTTrackFinder
        • Cycle 6
          • RecoMuon/DetLayers
          • RecoTracker/TkDetLayers
          • TrackingTools/DetLayers
          • TrackingTools/KalmanUpdators
          • TrackingTools/PatternTools
          • TrackingTools/RecoGeometry
          • TrackingTools/TrackFitters
          • TrackingTools/TransientTrackingRecHit

* CCD:  Cumulative Component Dependency measures the cumulative testing cost
        across the system.
* ACD:  Average Component Dependency indicates the number of other packages
        an average package depends on.
* NCCD: Normalised Cumulative Component Dependency measures how the structure
        differs from a balanced binary tree of comparable size. If NCCD is one,
        the structure resembles a binary tree; if much less than one, the
        packages are mostly independent; if much greater than one, the system
        is fairly strongly coupled. The only universal NCCD target is to
        minimise for any given software system--a high value indicates a
        strongly coupled system and less coupling is better.

  • Metrics ALL (Please, Mouse over)

Timing/Memory/FileSize information

  • Using the timing/memory services on the Production MinBias and TTbar RelVals (1 and 2 in cmsDriver_standard_hlt.txt). File size as reported by operating system.
  • Timing/Memory result ( Click : Large, DoubleClick : Small)

Description : This histogram is the total amount of virtual memory used by the task.
Description : This histogram is a task’s currently used share of available physical memory.
CPU Time
Description : This histogram is total CPU time the task has used since it started.
RAW Size
Description : This histogram is the size of RAW output data.
Reco Size
Description : This histogram is the size of RECO output data.

Results from (limited) performance suite

Info on scram warnings and errors

Number of old-style configuration files

Log file for checking Python Configuration files

  • Log file for checking Python Configuration files pyCfgCheck
Check of Python configuration
Description : This histogram is the number of python error configuration file.

Duplicate definitions of dictionaries

Log file from the BuildManager

Directory listing for the test logs

Status of documentation

-- GunmoRyu & HyunYongKim - 28 Jul 2009
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