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DWTS halloween costumes outlet Season 22: Week 8 Costume Critique The Samba for Len's Team, included a cameo finish by Len in a grass skirt over shorts and a comical headdress. The actual costumes for the ladies were lovely, with different colors of skirt fringe, along with bedazzled Polynesian print sarongs. The guys wore simple cropped khaki trousers and bright coral shirts which unbuttoned to reveal a bare chest, or in Wanya's case – a brown mesh shirt with rhinestones patterned to suggest abs. This was a comical touch, and I smiled! Maybe that is my next beach outfit? Rhinestoned abs and muscle definition? Hmmmm…probably not, but it was a whimsical idea for covering a not-so-svelte chest, provided by the costume department!

Judge's Team-Up Challenge was the theme of Week lingerie manufacturer china 8 on Dancing with the Stars, with the competition getting fiercer. The remaining couples will face a double elimination next week, in preparation for the Semi-Finals.Antonio and Sharna danced a Viennese Waltz with Antonio in a dashingly dapper, peaked lapel suit. Monochromatically matching, Sharna was pretty in her lace applique trimmed costume with waistline accents. It could have been so much prettier if the lace appliques fully wrapped around her arms, rather than ending oddly on her back, with ‘unseen' nude elastic straps anchoring them to the sides of her bodice. This is one of those standard ballroom costume design details that I totally disagree with. There is no reason to have decorative parts of a costume end mysteriously, and defy gravity and physics!

All costumes featured this week were very pleasing underwear manufacturer china to the eye. But my least favorite was Team Bruno's purple outfits for his Argentine Tango. I'll dissect my reasoning later in the blog.Nyle and Peta started off the show with a Paso Doble, with a modern, edgy rendition of the traditional bolero jacket with high-rise trousers with cummerbund. Nyle's leather jacket had an all-over texture and mini-studs embellishment (no rhinestones) and a muted, deep red print accenting it. This print bordered the front edge of the curved bolero, with underarm accents and it extended onto the back. No shirt, which is very traditional for the svelte professional ballroom dancers (and DWTS stars). Large stud-like metallic decorations created wide-set stripes on his trousers. It was a treat for the eyes!

Peta wore an edgy/fashion forward bright red gown, again, with no rhinestoned embellishment – but with a clunky silver metal necklace and side clasps on her asymmetrical, ruching-detailed nontraditional Paso gown. And as many other recent gowns, there were no feathers or trim on the skirt hemline – it was kept very spare.

Our eliminated couple this week – Jodie and Keo, danced a perfect Jive. Jodie and backup dancers started out in rhinestone bedazzled choir robes with stoles. After removing, Jodie revealed a ‘cute as a button' golden tissue lame, short circle-skirted Jive costume which was very modestly cut to accommodate supportive undergarments, yet didn't showcase as a blocky or unflattering garment. I am happy with so many monochromatic couples costumes couples this season! Keo was debonair in his 1950's styled sport coat, cut from metallic-threaded cloth!

Paige and Mark danced a Viennese Waltz in very theatrical, raggedy cold weather themed costumes. I enjoyed Mark's getup, but I much preferred his simple and elegant red ensemble from last week. Their costumes included frozen faces and, for me, this was too much. Something much simpler could have given the illusion of frozen, cold costumes, without having the costume department spend too much time and effort on Mark's kooky vision! Paige's gown was flattering and interesting (minus the face makeup).

Ginger and Val danced the Argentine Tango, both in sheer black lace. Ginger's long gown was worn over black bra and panties, while Val (thankfully) wore rather traditional tuxedo trousers with his sheer jacket. I really did like Val's jacket, with solid black lapels, and to me, this is preferable to all the naked chests (yes, I prefer costumes to non-costumes!). The black velvet added so much richness to the costume. This couple's costumes were theatrical, yet classy.

Wanya and Lindsay danced a Jive with a cowboy theme. I am generally not a cowboy themed kind of person, but I LOVED this couples' costumes, this week! Wanya's togs were a gentrified cowboy look with tailored, yet glitzy details! Lindsay was swathed in what appeared to be-real leather and styled with a very ‘current' look to her hot-pants and cropped leather jacket and bra. Neither dancer looked ‘costumed', but looked very stylish.

The three teams that completed the competition for this week, included purple Argentine Tango costumes a la Bruno – which included shirtless men wearing velvet pants (I do prefer something over those chests), and ‘nothing special' asymmetrical skirted, lace bodiced dresses. There was no particular design reason for the nude sections on the ladies' costumes. It looked sort of stuck on.

Natural beige fabrics adorned the dancers in Carrie Ann's Paso Doble team, with a raggedy, contemporary look for both the guys and the girls. Of the three teams, I enjoyed these costumes the most, as they were a departure from the ‘regular' Dancing with the Stars costuming. Again, shirtless guys, but I guess ‘if you got it, flaunt it' is the proper reflection here!

So will next week reveal more skin? Or more flaws in the final dancer's performances? With no standout celebrity, I think fan votes will have a lot of influence with what dancers continue on, for the mirror-ball trophy.

-- LeeuannaLeeuanna - 29 Aug 2017

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