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How to install CmsHi package on CMSSW_3_1_1

  •    scramv1 p CMSSW CMSSW_3_1_1
       cd CMSSW_3_1_1/src/
       cvs co UserCode/CmsHi
  • setup31X.sh will do cvs co "some package", and comfile them. so you just type above line to setup instead of scramv1 b
  • After executing setup31X.sh CmsHi directory will be moved to src/

How to produce HI MC data using Hydjet

  •    cvs co UserCode/MitHig
       cd UserCode
       scramv1 b
       cd MitHig/HIProd/Configruation
       cmsRun any.py
  • After CMSSW_3_1_1, step of process divided two step i.e step 1 is from GEN to RAW and step 2 is RECO to avoid memory problem. more detail is http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=65275
  • If you generate some data GEN~RAW, you need to RecoCfg.py to produce RECO data.
  • and you want to generate MC data by your one cff.py, see the head of any.py in order to find option of cmsDriver.py

How to analyze generated root file from above step with CmsHi package

-- SeoKonKang - 07 Aug 2009

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