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Generation of HI MC data for DQM

  • First step: Reconstruction with cmsDriver.py
    • Generation of MC data until DISI2RAW?
  cmsDriver.py Hydjet_Quenched_MinBias_4TeV_cfi.py -s GEN:ProductionFilterSequence,SIM,DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW -n 10

  cmsDriver.py Hydjet_Quenched_MinBias_4TeV_cfi.py -s GEN:ProductionFilterSequence,SIM,DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW -n 10 --eventcontent FEVTDEBUGHLT --conditions FrontierConditions_GlobalTag,MC_31X_V2::All --mc --no_exe 
--eventcontent FEVTDEBUGHLT --conditions FrontierConditions?_GlobalTag,MC_31X_V2::All --mc --no_exe
      • Case 3 :
        • source : Configuration/Generator/Hydjet_Quenched_MinBias_4TeV_cfi.py
        • option of cmsDriver.py :
           cmsDriver.py Hydjet_Quenched_MinBias_4TeV_cfi.py -s GEN:ProductionFilterSequence,SIM,DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW,HLT -n 10 --eventcontent FEVTDEBUGHLT --conditions FrontierConditions_GlobalTag,MC_31X_V5::All --mc --scenario=HeavyIons 
        • Command and error on cmskr01 at CERN
    • MC offline DQM
      • Case 1 : Using generated MC data at MIT
        • source data :/store/mc/Summer09/Hydjet_MinBias_4TeV/GEN-SIM-RAW/MC_31X_V2-GaussianVtx_311_ver1/0002/CCE11298-247A-DE11-92F1-001C23C0F107.root (MIT data by Yetkin mail)
        • option of cmsDriver.py :
            cmsDriver.py step2_MC1_2_HI -s RAW2DIGI,RECO,DQM n 2 --filein file:dcache:///pnfs/cmsaf.mit.edu/t2bat/cms/store/mc/Summer09/Hydjet_MinBias_4TeV/GEN-SIM-RAW/MC_31X_V2-
          GaussianVtx_311_ver1/0002/CCE11298-247A-DE11-92F1-001C23C0F107.root  --eventcontent RECOSIM --conditions FrontierConditions_GlobalTag,MC_31X_V2::All --mc  
          * Command and error of MIT data

-- SeoKonKang - 19 Aug 2009

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