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Revision 12009-02-24 - GunmoRyu

META TOPICPARENT name="UosMeeting"
Starting cmsRun Hpp130MuMu?_cfi_ALL_STARTUP.py %MSG-s CMSException: PythiaSource?:source{*ctor*} 24-Feb-2009 17:45:44 KST pre-events cms::Exception caught in cmsRun
Configuration BEGIN The source requested a random number engine from the RandomNumberGeneratorService?, but the source was not configured for random numbers. An engine is created only if a seed(s) is provided in the configuration file. Please add the following PSet to the configuration file in the RandomNumberGeneratorService? block: PSet theSource = { untracked string engineName = untracked uint32 initialSeed = } Adding the line above will not work if you have modified the default and selected a different type of random engine that requires two or more seeds. In that case, you will need to add the following line instead: untracked vuint32 sourceSeedVector = { , ... }

Error occured while creating source PythiaSource?

Configuration END


-- GunmoRyu - 24 Feb 2009

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