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 -- SanghyeonSong - 15 Apr 2008

CERN Library

How to install cernlib

This install procedure is written based on Scientific Linux 4 and required superuser account i.e. root in below case.

  1. download cernlib :
    wget http://cernlib.web.cern.ch/cernlib/download/2006_source/tar/2006_src.tar.gz at /cern
    visit http://cernlib.web.cern.ch/cernlib/version.html and click 2006 source compressed tar files then download 2006_src.tar.gz

  2. create script for install like below that install.sh %CODE{lang="py"}%
#!/bin/sh CERN_LEVEL=2006


export CERN export CERN_LEVEL export CERN_ROOT export CVSCOSRC export PATH

# Create the build directory structure cd $CERN_ROOT mkdir -p build bin lib build/log

# Create the top level Makefile with imake cd $CERN_ROOT/build $CVSCOSRC/config/imake_boot

# Install kuipc and the scripts (cernlib, paw and gxint) in $CERN_ROOT/bin gmake bin/kuipc > log/kuipc 2>&1 gmake scripts/Makefile cd scripts gmake install.bin > ../log/scripts 2>&1

# Install the libraries cd $CERN_ROOT/build gmake > log/make.`date +%m%d` 2>&1 %ENDCODE%

  1. change mod script file & run
    chmod 744 install.sh
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