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biweekly meeting
[15:15:49] Mario Kadastik I think there were some cuts on slide 2
[15:15:58] Mario Kadastik Two leptons pt > 10 GeV/c and One lepton pt > 5GeV
[15:20:25] Mario Kadastik yes, including the kinematic acceptance etc
[15:20:43] Mario Kadastik This is where my HLT efficiencies differ from yours   
[15:21:12] Mario Kadastik we can compare in the next meting
[15:21:23] Mario Kadastik I'll try to have some plots also for HWW skim and then HLT efficiency
[15:23:11] Mario Kadastik but we have to have some kind of kinematic check for HLT
[15:38:54] Mario Kadastik HWW skim is something that we can all use hence it'll be easier to skim the real data. We can have secondary skims based on final state analysis from there onward
[15:53:15] Mario Kadastik Mid-september as 1st complete AN draft?
[15:53:28] Mario Kadastik then we have still ca 1 month for revisions and approval
[15:53:43] Mario Kadastik di-tri-quad  
[15:54:10] Mario Kadastik how to keep a cool head with billions of events etc  
[15:54:57] Mario Kadastik I think next week me and Jungwan should try to converge on the config files as I already have some which were run on data
[15:55:49] Mario Kadastik HWW skim is the furthest that we can push from the tau side to still have a common pre-selection
[15:57:39] Mario Kadastik Oh and Mait will be at CERN now
[15:57:42] Mario Kadastik after a few days

-- HyunkwanSeo - 30 Jun 2010

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