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Revision 142008-01-30 - JunghwanGoh

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  • Memory error
    • memory allocation exception (vector::reserve)
    • Solution? is : #include
    • Solution? is : #include : no effect
    • changed std::vector to std::list - hard to reserve large and continuous memory block : seems to be working!
  • DQM still not working
  • First result (Z to MuMu? sample & CMSSW_1_7_5)
    • Too low efficiency!! why?
    • simEta, Phi, pT cut?
PtEffic.gif EtaEffic.gif PhiEffic.gif
  • code update
    • makePlot.cc : no interactive mode, show usage instead
    • RecoMuonValidator?.cc : use isnan() and isinf() to protect from floating point exception
  • e-mailed to developers


  • Conversion to TFileService? is done !
  • Submitted to crab


  • DQM still not working
  • Alternative way to store histograms
    • Added option to choose TFileService? for histoManager
    • TFileService? works!!!
    • Needed creation of Multi-depth directory - not supported by TFileService?::mkdir()


  • Testing & Debugging new RecoMuonValidator?
    • DQM not working (histogram booking is good, but cannot fill entry.. strange)
    • std::alloc error sometimes.
    • Adding TFile and TFileService? method to store histograms


  • Implementation is almost done!
    • unmatched simTrack handling - big one to draw efficiency: done yesterday midnight
    • pair<T::const_iterator> to pair<T&> : 현재의 C++표준에 의해 reference형의 reference를 취할 수 없게 되어 있음.
  • Compiles well, test jobs
    • castor is down? : On @ 3 pm


  • loop 에서 iterator를 도는 중에 container를 수정하면 iterator가 무효화되어 crash된다!


  • updated/cvs commit RecoMuonValidator? to support Multi-track event
    • Algorithm is : Simple DeltaR? matching with cuts
  • Implementing table based matching algorithm
    • Basic structure is done
    • code snipping from TrackAssociation? (AssociationByChi2?, etc)


Sim - Reco matching table

  • use map<double, pair<TP,Mu>> instead of map<pair<TP,MU>, double>
    • this is not symantic, but no problem to use
    • automatically sorted at insertion time : fast and super-easy
  • multimap is better because quality value can be same (Chi2, nHit, etc)
    • note that if same quality but no common TP/Mu then this is not a duplicated pairs.
  • Adam already removed FitSlicesYTool?


Sim - Reco matching issue

  • Non-physical result of RecoMuonValidator?
    • efficiency is almost flat and >1 in some cases
    • this is caused by duplication of reco-tracks in sim to reco matching
    • Can be avoided requiring minimal cuts, but is not an ultimate solution.
  • Matching quality table : simTrack ID : recoTrack ID => ΔR/Χ2/Hits, etc
    • How to choose best matching pairs?
      • Sorting sim-reco pairs by qualities
        • Qualifier should be normalized
        • Can be nice if considers duplication
      • Traditional sim-reco, reco-sim matching with consideration of duplication
        • Order of key can be an issue : which one to choose if Q[sim1:rec1] = Q[sim2:rec1] ?
    • Is it a "Confusion matrix" in CS : No --
      • Not a square matrix in general : efficiency ≠ 1, fakerate ≠ 0
      • Extend by inserting "fake" and "lost" species?
  • How to make N-argumentd function
    • overload comma operator to return the same class : is it possible?
%CODE{LANG="cpp"}% class Argument; Argument& operator,(Argument, Argument); %ENDCODE%


  • Multi-track extension of RecoMuonValidatior? gives non-physical result : duplication of reco-tracks
    • Solution : use trackAssociator / or new method?


  • Extending RecoMuonValidator? to Multi-track event
    • Small modification is enough to implement, except matching part
    • Testing.


  • Fini les vacance - Back to work !

-- JunghwanGoh - 08 Jan 2008

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