• Version
    • MiniAOD : CMSSW_7_2_3
    • AOD : CMSSW_7_2_3

CATTools Setup

  • CATTools tag : (tag) v7-0-0

Run configuration file

Dataset for Prodcution.


scram p -n cat CMSSW CMSSW_7_2_3
cd cat/src
git-cms-addpkg FWCore/Version
git clone -b v7-0-0
scram setup lhapdffull
scram b -j 8
cd $SRT_CMSSW_BASE_SCRAMRTDEL/src/CATTools/CatProducer/prod

cmsRun useMiniAOD=True inputFiles=/store/mc/Phys14DR/DYJetsToLL_M-50_13TeV-madgraph-pythia8/MINIAODSIM/PU20bx25_PHYS14_25_V1-v1/00000/0432E62A-7A6C-E411-87BB-002590DB92A8.root


cmsRun useMiniAOD=False inputFiles=/store/mc/Phys14DR/DYJetsToLL_M-50_13TeV-madgraph-pythia8/AODSIM/PU20bx25_PHYS14_25_V1-v1/00000/00CC714A-F86B-E411-B99A-0025904B5FB8.root globalTag='PHYS14_25_V2::All'


Computing Support

  • Request priority promotion to Computing Resource meeting.(2015/01/29)

Production work assigend member(KISTI UserID)

  • AOD : goodyoun
  • MiniAOD : geonmo

Collaboration member

  • CBNU : tjkim
  • SKKU : jhgoh
  • KNU : youn, youngjo
  • UOS : jlee, jkim505, geonmo, hyunyong


  • SingleTop and DY samples before sumit.
  • DY test with PR#59, (DY miniAOD : 56 files / 2015/01/29 )
    • 32/56 failed , 24/56 Success.
      • It was reported at Computing Resource meeting already. However, I will report using email to Dr.Bae.
  • Please, ignore above result.

-- GunmoRyu - 28 Jan 2015

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