Daily works in January

Thur. 31.

The cross-section of previously my work is the Leading order cross-section. For more clear result, I changed the cross-section to Next-Leading-order's one. There is a cms-note about the cross-section of tt-njet process in CSA07(CMS IN 2007/038). For my sample ( ttnjet_mt_70/Alpgen ), I have to perform below event number for 1 inverse fb.
ttjet sample x-section(pb) # of evts[1 inverse fb]
tt0jet 619 619 k
tt1jet 176 176 k
tt2jet 34 34 k
tt3jet 6 6 k
tt4jet 1.5 1.5 k
I will compare the result of FastSIM and FullSIM. The sample version is 1_6_7 for FastSIM and 1_5_2 for FullSIM.

Wed. 30.

I attended SUSY Group Meeting. After meeting, Ahn , Luc and me talked about our problem, no work CRAB and castor. He said everyone has a problem with that. So, we just wait until it will be good. After talking with Luc, I discussed with Filip. One is how I find the cross-section of source. Another one is how i can do jet correction by SusyAnalyzer. He gave some pdf file for cross-section and c++ code for jet correction. And then, we talked about ttbar process. After we finish the full-hadronic channel, we'd better to start the semi-leptonic and di-leptonic channel.

Tues. 29.

The CRAB and Castor did not work well. This is big problem because I could not get the result.

Mon. 28.

  • Previously work Summury
    1. software version
      • CMSSW_1_6_7 (SusyAnalyzer_1_0_0)
      • CRAB_2_0_4 (for tt0jet)
    2. cut
      • Sum of degree : minimized sum of 6 jets
      • degree difference : 15 degree(between reconstruction particle direction and parton-level direction)
      • Number of jet : six leading jet
    3. event number
      • tt0jet_mT_70-alpgen : 334510
      • tt1jet_mT_70-alpgen : 90230
      • tt2jet_mT_70-alpgen : 18750
      • tt3jet_mT_70-alpgen : 3160
      • tt4jet_mT_70-alpgen : 820
    4. simulation type : Fast simulation
    5. etc
      • I made the matching system by myself, instead of matching system in SusyAnalyzer.
    6. Result :
      • Black line : good jet parton matching , Blue line : half-good jet parton matching , Green line : bad jet parton matching
      • What is the difference between Note and my result ?
        • Good j-p-m : The pick have to higher than 0.056.
        • Half-Good j-p-m : The pick have to be lower than 0.02. After 50 degree, plot have to be lower than 0.01.
        • Bad j-p-m : The pick have to appear near by 150 degree. This is very strange.
      • What to do :
        1. Perform more event by fast simulation.
        2. Change the event source for Full simulation.
        3. Compare the result of i and ii.

Fri. 25.

  • hemisphere analysis There is method for hemisphere analysis in SusyAnalyzer. In hemisphere class, there are two part of particle. One of that is the upper part of axes, another is the down part of axes. For choose the axes, there are two method, seeding method and Hemisphere association method.
    • seeding method
      1. 1st : max P, 2nd : max P * delta R
      2. 2 objects who give maximal invariant mass
      3. 2 objects who give maximal transverse mass
    • Hemisphere association method
      1. maximum pt longitudinal projected on the axes
      2. minimal mass squared sum of the hemispheres
      3. minimal Lund distance

I performed 3rd seeding method and 3re association method .

  • top-choice and mass determination
    jet-parton-matching pairing label
    good correct signal
    good wrong background
    half-good correct signal
    half-good wrong background
    bad   always background

Thur. 24.

* Meeting *
  • Physics Day : Towards new physics workshop on measuring the Standard Model (09:00~16:20)

Wed. 23.

* Meeting *

  • DAQ group meeting ( Am 11:00 ) with S.K.Oh, G.N.Kim, J.H.Chung, G.S.Kim, S.U.Ahn, S.H.Song, J.W.Seo.
    1. Have to meet and discuss month by month.
    2. Send the report about work to professor monthly.
    3. When I am faced with difficulties, doing something or some physics..., ask Dr. Ro and Dr. chung or... someone.

Tues. 22.

  • performed job
    1. software version
      • CMSSW_1_6_7 (SusyAnalyzer_1_0_0)
      • CRAB_2_0_4 (for tt0jet)
    2. cut
      • Sum of degree : minimized sum of 6 jets
      • degree difference : 15 degree(between reconstruction particle direction and parton-level direction)
      • Number of jet : six leading jet
    3. etc
      • i made the matching system by myself, instead of matching system in SusyAnalyzer.

  • Changed the cfg file New SusyAnalyzer enable to choose the simulation type, Fast-simulation or Full-simulation. The default type in SusyAnalyzer is Full-simulation. So, when I use the generated event data by fast-simulation, have to change the default.

Mon. 21.

I started to change my code. At first, I did set the array for jet-arrange. The arrange was to be in order of hard-jet(large Pt jet). And next, I did cut the jet number from 6 to 8. Because, this full-hadronic channels have to be more 6-jets.
I discussed Prof. Oh about ttbar process. He taught some physics of ttbar process.

Fri. 18.

* My Work *

There is some information for cross-section in twiki page. ( https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Main/AlpgenSummer07 ) I chose the luminosity to 1 fb^-1.
event cross-section luminosity event number
tt0jet 334.51 pb 1 fb-1 334510
tt1jet 90.23 pb 1 fb-1 90230
tt2jet 18.75 pb 1 fb-1 18750
tt3jet 3.16 pb 1 fb-1 3160
tt4jet 0.82 pb 1 fb-1 820

* Office 8 R-002 *

I tried to connect the printer. I used USB. There wasn't driver In the installation CD. I found the driver at hp homepage and downloaded that. But there was no action. So, I read the paper for information of printer. I found some comment of enable OS. Enable OS for this printer is Windows XP and MAC. There was no linux.

Maybe, I need ethernet hub and then I try to connect the networking print system.

Thur. 17.

* My Work *

I did some code for jet-parton-matching. And tried to find the document for checking cross-section.

* Office 8 R-002 *

Arrived the new PC and Laserjet printer. there wasn't monitor. I did re-arrange the desks with S.U.Ahn and S.H.Song.

Wed. 16.

I wanted to know the cross-section of each event. But I didn't know where i can get the information. So I asked Dr. chung. There is two way for checking the cross-section. One of that is to find the cfg file for event generating, the other is to find the document for that event. Maybe, I have to use the cfg file in dbs site.

Tues. 15.

Discussed Luc Pape about my result of full-hadronic channel in ttbar. To improve my result, I have to change some method.

  • I have to perform the job by different event number, because the cross-section of each event(tt0jet, tt1jet, tt2jet...) is different.

    Cross-section * luminosity = number of event

    If i choose number of tt0jet event number, the number of tt1jet event is calculated by

    (number of tt0jet event / tt0jet cross-section) * (tt1jet cross-section).

    And number of tt2jet event is calculated by

    (number of tt0jet event / tt0jet cross-section)*(tt2jet cross-section)

    , and so on.

  • I have to use the hemi-analysis for jet pairing.

    I was in trouble of jet pairing these day. But now, I found the good method for that. There is hemi-analysis in susyanalyzer. That consist of two parts. The parts are divided by horizontal line. So, part 1 is upper side and part 2 is down side. This is very good method for pairing. I will use this method.

  • I have to calculate the degree between parton and reconstructed particle by 'dot-product'.

    I used only phi for jet-parton-matching. But I shouldn't ignore the eta. So, I will change the code to dot-product.

Fri. 11.

  • Full hadronic channel :

    Run crab. (CRAB_2_0_4) I couldn't submit job because crab didn't find host of dataset. I don't know what is the matter. The location of dataset is "maite.iihe.ac.be". But, when I created job, there was no host. I used 5 dataset. There are two of dataset in cern. But another dataset are in other site. So, I can't use of such dataset without crab job. So, I did cmsRun by two dataset, being in cern.

  • Single leptonic ttbar events :

    This is event that ttbar decay to 1lepton+4jets+MET. 4jets comes from bbbar and qqbar. I will read the CMSNOTE 2006/024 at first.

Thur. 10.

  • Previously my work :
    • CMSSW version changed. CMSSW_1_5_2 -> CMSSW_1_6_7
    • The jet-parton matching was done.
    • Jet pairing was not good.

  • What to do :
    • Finish full hadronic channel until this week.
    • Start single leptonic ttbar events.

Tues. 8.

CERN vacation was ended and re-opened. i got the e-mail from professor Guinyun Kim. He let me send the report of my work. So, I checked my previous work and result. After that, i sent the e-mail to him.

-- JeewonSeo - 29 Jan 2008

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