08. Sep. 2010 ~ 09. Sep. 2010
  • Trigger Menu Validation
    1. Setting up environemt
      scramv1 p CMSSW CMSSW_3_8_1
      cd CMSSW_3_8_1/src
      cvs co -r V03-02-24 HLTrigger/HLTanalyzers
      cvs co -r V00-05-13 CalibTracker/SiPixelESProducers
      cvs co -r V01-02-00 Configuration/HLT
      cvs co -r V01-18-66 Configuration/PyReleaseValidation
      cvs co -r V01-18-26 Configuration/StandardSequences
      cvs co -r V03-12-02 DQM/DTMonitorModule
      cvs co -r V06-02-08 EventFilter/StorageManager
      cvs co -r V01-19-01 FastSimulation/Configuration
      cvs co -r V04-08-10 FastSimulation/HighLevelTrigger
      cvs co -r V00-03-13 FastSimulation/Muons
      cvs co -r V01-19-03 HLTrigger/Configuration
      cvs co -r V01-16-01 HLTrigger/special
      cvs co -r V00-05-01 RecoEgamma/EgammaHLTAlgos
      cvs co -r V00-04-34 RecoEgamma/EgammaHLTProducers
      cvs co -r V01-02-01 RecoHI/HiTracking
      cvs co -r V02-01-10 RecoLocalMuon/DTRecHit
      cvs co -r V01-02-27 RecoMuon/TrackerSeedGenerator
      cvs co -r V02-04-03 RecoMuon/TrackingTools
      cvs co -r V00-05-14 RecoPixelVertexing/PixelVertexFinding
      cvs co -r V00-01-06 RecoVertex/GhostTrackFitter
    2. HLT tag
      addpkg DQM/HLTEvF
      addpkg DQM/TrigXMonitor
    3. Compile
      checkdeps -a -h
      scram b -j 8
    4. Run
      • GlobalTag? : GR10_H_V8
      • CMSSW version : CMSSW_3_8_1

07. Sep. 2010
  • Trigger 2nd on-call training
    • Select dataset : /castor/cern.ch/cms/store/data/Run2010A/MinimumBias/RAW/v1/000/144/086/905BC1B9-FFB2-DF11-B9D9-0030487A18F2.root
      • MinBias : basic trigger path, 144086 : good run in recent
    • Modify input file and global tag in offline_data.py
    • cmsRun
      cmsRun offline_data.py >& menu.log &
    • run script for Online DQM
      ./makeOnline.sh 144086 GR10_H_V6A >& online.log
    • Check streams and contents
      /afs/cern.ch/user/r/rekovic/public/scripts/hltCheckPathAndEventContent /online/collisions/2010/week30/HLT/V10 /online/collisions/2010/week28/HLT/V11 >& streams.log &
    • Run script for Offline DQM
      ./makeOfflineDQM.sh 144086 auto:com10 >& offline.log &

06. Sep. 2010
  • Trigger secondary on-call training
    • Instruction : https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/ValidationMenu
    • Status : https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/ValidationMenuStatus
    • Fix bug of makeOffline.sh file
      cmsDriver.py step2 -s RAW2DIGI,RECO,DQM -n -1 --eventcontent RECO --conditions $test --geometry Ideal --filein file:outputHLTMON.root --fileout file:step2.root --data --no_exec
      cmsDriver.py step3 -s HARVESTING:dqmHarvesting --conditions $test --filein file:step2.root --data --no_exec
      sed -i -e "s/cms.Process('RECO')/cms.Process('RECOHLTMenuVal')/g" step2_RAW2DIGI_RECO_DQM.py
      sed -i -e "s/cms.Process('HARVESTING')/cms.Process('HARVESTINGHLTMenuVal')/g" step3_HARVESTING.py
      cmsRun step2_RAW2DIGI_RECO_DQM.py
      cmsRun step3_HARVESTING.py
      mv DQM_*.root offlineDQM_outputHLTMON.root
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